Ransomville Speedway

Go Kart Action Heats Up at the Little R

RANSOMVILLE, NY (August 26, 2021) Thursday night’s SANY New York Go-Kart program at the Ransomville Speedway proved to be another scorcher. Jeff Anstett picked up the victory in the Finish Line Auto Detail Senior Heavy. Jayme Stone won the Fisher’s Auto Repair Senior Lites feature event. Riley Bloomingdale picked up another checkered flag in the Fitzgibbon Contracting and Construction Junior 3. Jacob Schulz won the SJE Shocks Junior 2 feature. Thomas Ruggiero and Amelia Westlake won the Slack Kart Junior 1 feature events. Laina Stewart, Luke Holmes, and Jason Strassburg won the Just Signs and Designs Novice.

Tonight, was the last night for drops to be allowed. The worst two finishes will be taken out following the August 26 event. Points will be official following the September 2nd program.

There were three separate red flags that slowed down the racing program. All drivers were alert and were checked out by the EMTs.

Fans, drivers, and crews can tune in to 96.5FM on their portable FM radio receivers to listen to all the action via the public address system.

The ”Little R” will return to action on Thursday, September 2nd for Final Points Night. Pit gates will open at 5 pm and racing will get underway at 7 pm. As always, free grandstand admission for all to watch the future stars in action on the 1/16th-mile “Little R”.

RACE RESULTS – August 26, 2021 – LITTLE R
Finish Line Auto Detail Senior Heavy: JEFF ANSTETT, Trent Smith, Colin Spatorico, Jayme Stone, Steve Veihdeffer, Matthew Holmes, Roger Wirth Jr, Mike Csizmadia, Ashley Daul, Mike Seefeldt, Matt Veihdeffer
Qualifying Heats: Jeff Anstett, Matt Veihdeffer

Fisher’s Auto Repair Senior Lites: JAYME STONE, Brendan Wallace, Jeff Anstett, Eric Veihdeffer, Austin Gordon, Trent Smith, Steve Veihdeffer, Matthew Holmes, Vincent Chiodo, Matt Veihdeffer, Roger Wirth Jr, Ethen Tedesco
Qualifying Heats: Jayme Stone, Jeff Anstett

Fitzgibbon Contracting and Construction Junior 3: RILEY BLOOMINGDALE, Colby Boyer, Anthony Pollow, Aden Harris, Aiden Seefeldt, Brayden Bills, Sal Paonessa, Brooke Moden
Qualifying Heats: Riley Bloomingdale, Aden Harris

SJE Shocks Junior 2: JACOB SCHULZ, Anthony DiPaolo, Abigail Fisher, Tyler Foster, Jocelyn Just, Alexander Lee, Ryder Lacy, Christian Soliday
Qualifying Heats: Jacob Schulz, Jocelyn Just

Slack Karts Junior 1 Feature #1: THOMAS RUGGIERO, Brandon Guyette, Brooklyn Chaffee, Matthew Garvin, Giovanni Paonessa, Jacalyn Nettleton, James Strassburg Jr
Slack Karts Junior 1 Feature #2: AMELIA WESTLAKE, Tyler Moden, Jayden Tomaino, Rhys Porter, Raelyn Just, Gabriel Rodriguez, Aideen Rusnock
Qualifying Heats: Gabriel Rodriguez, Thomas Ruggiero, James Strassburg Jr

Just Signs & Designs Novice Feature #1: LAINA STEWART, Jake Schrader, Jayme Just, Kenneth Colon Jr
Just Signs & Designs Novice Feature #2: LUKE HOLMES, Jenson Cook, Ryan Barry, Lauren Strassburg
Just Signs & Designs Novice Feature #3: JASON STRASSBURG, Joseph Radosky, Camren Smith, Jax Cotriss
Qualifying Heats: Laina Stewart, Luke Holmes, Jax Cotriss

Article Credit: Steven Petty

Submitted By: Steven Petty

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