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QMA Region 1

QMA Region 1

2020 Grands Schedule!


Quarter Midgets of America

2020 Grands Schedule!

Please note the national board of directors and club reserve the right to make minor changes to this schedule

Battle at Big Sky 2020 Grands (as of 8/9/20)	 

Tuesday, Aug 18

9:00am – 8:00pm -Gates Open for Parking

5pm – 8pm – Safety

Noon - 7:00pm Registration and Sign-in open 

Wednesday, Aug 19

8:30am Pit Meeting

 8:00am -Noon – Registration/Sign-In and Safety Open

 9:00am -10:00am Senior Driver Weigh-In Certification for the event       (Mandatory for all Senior/160/WF/B and Heavy classes)
 **These drivers/classes will be weighed regardless of driver weight**

 9:00am – Controlled Practice (2 rounds)

 **Tire voucher sales during controlled practice**

 Opening Ceremony and Ice Cream Social Distancing following practice

Thursday Aug 20th

 8:30am – Pit Meeting

 **Tire Distribution following Pit meeting**

 Qualifying to begin 90 minutes after last Tire is Distributed

(Approx 11:00am)

 Heat races following qualifying 

Friday Aug 21st

 8:30am – Pit Meeting

 9:30 am -Heat Races and Lower Mains

Saturday Aug 22nd

 8:30am – Pit Meeting

 9:30 am -A Mains, Tech and Awards 

Sunday Aug 23rd

 **Rain Date**

Submitted By: Denise Smutny

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