Richmond Raceway (KY)
Richmond Raceway (KY)

Richmond Raceway (KY)
Richmond, KY

Nicely Wires Field at Richmond


Summit American Modified Series

Nicely Wires Field at Richmond

(July 3, 2021) – The Summit Racing Equipment American Modified Series was at Richmond Raceway in Richmond, Kentucky for the $5,000 to win make up event that was washed out in July. It was a warm afternoon in Richmond as drivers from three different states came to compete for the large payday.

Sixteen cars signed in and looked to lay down the quickest lap in Allstar Performance qualifying. Tyler Nicley was the first to take time and his lap of 15.875 was never bested by any of the other fifteen competitors. Chris Wilson of Crossville, TN was second quick at 16.192 and JT Ayers third quick at 16.217 seconds. This determined the lineups for a pair of eight lap heat races.

In Hypercoils Heat Race #1 Tyler Nicely kept his perfect night alive with a dominating heat race win over Victor Lee. JT Ayers finished third just in front of Paris, Kentucky Dennis Roberson. Andrew Mayabb who struggled in qualifying rebounded to finish fifth.

It was Chris Wilson who came home with the win in Willy’s Carb 7 Dyno Heat Race #2. The Richmond Raceway track points leader Zach Powers came home second. Aaron Branham passed the stripe in third. American Modified Series regulars Richard Gibson and Brain Shaw finished out the top five.

Tyler Nicely started on the pole for the 40 lap $5,000 to win main event. The two-time and defending series champ was dominate all forty laps of the event. Even after a few cautions his restarts were flawless and drove on to what looked like an easy $5,000 payout. Victor Lee, who had four wins at Richmond this season was the closest competition and finished runner up. Aaron Branham from Clay City, Kentucky came from the sixth place starting position to round out the podium.

The SPEC Racing Engines hard charger of the event was Michael Asberry in the Halo Motorsports entry. After starting sixteenth, he improved nine spots to finish seventh. American Modified Series regulars Richard Gibson and Brian Shaw struggled on Saturday night. Gibson came home in the tenth spot and Shaw had to pull off finished in sixteenth.

The next series events will take place August 20th and 21st at the Cedar Ridge Raceway for the Hope for Harlie Benefit Race. Friday night will pay $1,500 to win and $3,000 to win on Saturday. For all the event info go to the Facebook Event page on the American Modified Series page. It will be updated with info as we close in on the event.

Official Results:
Summit Racing Equipment A Feature 1 (40 Laps): 1. 25-Tyler Nicely[1]; 2. 4-Victor Lee[3]; 3. 38-Aaron Branham[6]; 4. 56W-Chris Wilson[2]; 5. 28-JT Ayers[5]; 6. 25R-Dennis Roberson[7]; 7. 56A-Michael Asberry[16]; 8. 33Z-Zach Powers[4]; 9. C8-Jimmy Crabtree[11]; 10. 15-Richard Gibson[8]; 11. 26-Kyle Cochran[15]; 12. 37-Harold Branham[13]; 13. 27-Tyler Collis[12]; 14. 1-Andrew Mayabb[9]; 15. 1C-Roy Cox[14]; 16. 1S-Brian Shaw[10]

Hypercoils Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 25-Tyler Nicely[1]; 2. 4-Victor Lee[3]; 3. 28-JT Ayers[2]; 4. 25R-Dennis Roberson[4]; 5. 1-Andrew Mayabb[7]; 6. C8-Jimmy Crabtree[5]; 7. 37-Harold Branham[8]; 8. 26-Kyle Cochran[6]

Willys Carb and Dyno Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 56W-Chris Wilson[1]; 2. 33Z-Zach Powers[2]; 3. 38-Aaron Branham[5]; 4. 15-Richard Gibson[6]; 5. 1S-Brian Shaw[4]; 6. 27-Tyler Collis[7]; 7. 1C-Roy Cox[8]; 8. 56A-Michael Asberry[3]

Allstar Performance Qualifying 1 (2 Laps): 1. 25-Tyler Nicely, 00:15.875[1]; 2. 56W-Chris Wilson, 00:16.192[9]; 3. 28-JT Ayers, 00:16.217[16]; 4. 33Z-Zach Powers, 00:16.300[12]; 5. 4-Victor Lee, 00:16.303[8]; 6. 56A-Michael Asberry, 00:16.313[4]; 7. 25R-Dennis Roberson, 00:16.449[5]; 8. 1S-Brian Shaw, 00:16.551[15]; 9. C8-Jimmy Crabtree, 00:16.569[2]; 10. 38-Aaron Branham, 00:16.606[10]; 11. 26-Kyle Cochran, 00:16.926[3]; 12. 15-Richard Gibson, 00:17.041[6]; 13. 1-Andrew Mayabb, 00:17.084[14]; 14. 27-Tyler Collis, 00:17.190[7]; 15. 37-Harold Branham, 00:17.217[13]; 16. 1C-Roy Cox, 00:19.938[11]

Contingency / Award Winners
Allstar Performance (Overall Fast Qualifier) $100 Certificate Tyler Nicely
HYPERCOILS (Heat #1 Winner) (1) 5" Spring Certificate Tyler Nicely
Willy's Carb & Dyno (Heat #2 Winner) $100 Certificate Chris Wilson
PEM RACING (5th Place Finish) Quick Change Gear Set (Upgrade Option) JT Ayers
Hooker Harness (6th Place finish in feature) $75 Certificate Dennis Roberson
WILWOOD DISC BRAKES (Lucky 7th Place Finish) $50 Certificate Michael Asberry
FOX RACING SHOX (Lucky 13th Place Finish) $100 Certificate Tyler Collis

Special Thanks to all Series Sponsors: Summit Racing Equipment, Dale Meers Racing Engines, QuickCar Racing Products, Bruce’s Lawn & Tree Care, VP Racing Fuels, Hampton Inn & Suites – Bloomington, IL, KB Graphics, Hoosier Tire Midwest, Allstar Performance, Fast Ignition Systems, Hypercoil. Willy’s Carb & Dyno, Fast Shafts, Maxima Racing Oil, PEM Racing, Hooker Harness, Wilwood Brakes, Fox Racing Shox, Wiles Drive Shafts, SPEC Racing Engines, MLR Fabricating, Racing Performance Media
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Article Credit: Tyson Graves

Submitted By: Dewayne Ragland

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