Feature Updates

December 2020 Release Notes



  • Added a report to Sanction Management to track competitors that are missing forms.
  • Added a report to Sanction Management to track suspensions bypassed at sanctioned events.
  • Added a quick search filter for Urgent Events in Sanction Management.


  • Added the ability for MRP admins to set custom ticket coupons on a per-event basis.


  • Added a feature to rebuild fantasy leaderboard data on demand.
  • Added a feature to add tickets by copying tickets on previous events.
  • Added a warning in Season Management that prevents publishing non-free registrations without first adding a payment option.
  • Modified the marketplace to allow the publication of tickets for events without linked classes.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug that caused the schedule page on responsive sites to not default to the newest year.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Chrome browser to present a mixed content warning when exporting reports to PDF or MS Excel.
  • Fixed a bug in Season Management that caused some events to indicate tickets are missing when the event has tickets.

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