Tim Clark
Tim Clark

Tim Clark
Kennesaw, GA

Driver Information

My number 1 passion is racing and my Fiancee Whitney . I have loved it since my uncle John Clark ( Dixie speedway announcer ) would take me to racing events every weekend. I started racing karts in my 20's and enjoyed that for 10 years. I got out of racing for quite a while and out of nowhere bought a late model. Well that was in 2019 and I still am having fun. I enjoy seeing my racing friends and I still have that competitive fire. Since I started racing late models my great friend Ryan Maire has started Dirt Chasers Media. It follows some of our local drivers and he is super passionate about that, check it out. I have to finally give a big thank you to the Smith family for helping me get up to speed quicker than if I was trying to do this by myself. Jeff, Sam and Nick ( crew chief ) and Richard Austin have given me much support and many many years of knowledge in the past couple years. Support racing as much as you can. This sport is not easy and is extremely hard on the wallet. Thanks.GODSPEED

Career Highlights

Just trying to get better each time we go on the track. I've won some heat races, but not an A Main yet. Well, I won my first feature at Rome this year.

Most Memorable Moment

Setting the Pole for Boyds Cabin Fever 2023 in 604. Almost winning a super race at north Ga. Lead most of the race and then my battery died. Dang....


Family stuff, Racing, Boating, Sporting events


  • TrackBoyd's Speedway, Dixie Speedway, Rome
  • DriverDavenport
  • EventA win
  • FoodA good steak and tater
  • MovieSlingblade
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  • Sports TeamAtlanta Braves
  • Speed ShopJeff Smith Racing


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  • Car ManufacturerFord
  • Parts StoreAllStar
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