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Devon Dobie

Devon Dobie
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GLSS-Great Lakes Super Sprints


In Hartford, Michigan, the final appearance of the Great Lakes Super Sprints presented by Engine Pro & ARP took place at Hartford Motor Speedway. The track in was in excellent condition and our sprint races delivered an outstanding performance. This event featured high-speed racing that attracted an impressive crowd, and we want to express our heartfelt appreciation to all the fans, staff, and drivers whose support made this night a success.

The victor of the night was Jay Steinebach from Hudsonville, MI, who drew the third position in the redraw. Brad Lamberson from Parma, MI, secured the pole position, while Kelsey Ivy from Fremont, OH, began in the second spot. Lamberson initially led the race and seemed to be in control until the last three laps when he encountered traffic in turn three and collided with the wall, allowing Steinebach to take the lead. Fortunately, Lamberson did not sustain any serious injuries. In the final three laps, Steinebach showcased his dominance and held on to the first position, securing his first-ever victory in a 360 Winged Sprint Car Feature Race!

Impressive performances were also seen by Max Stambaugh from Elida, OH, who earned the Hoosier Racing Tire Hard Charger award by advancing from last place to third. Dustin Dagget from Grand Ledge, MI, also made a remarkable recovery, starting near the back and finishing in fourth place. Additionally, Max Frank from Williamston, MI, had the privilege of being named the Engine Pro Lucky Dog of the night.

During the qualifying rounds, Reece Saldana from Pittsboro, IN, delivered an outstanding performance as the Ti22 Performance Fast Qualifier, posting an impressive lap time of 14.815 seconds. Max Stambaugh secured the second spot with a lap time of 14.846 seconds, followed closely by Lamberson with a lap time of 14.879 seconds.

Steinebach emerged as the winner in the Engler Machine & Tool Heat 1. In Heat 1, Dustin Daggett from Grand Ledge, MI, was in second place when, unfortunately, his engine blew on the final lap, preventing him from finishing the heat. Gregg Dalman from Bellevue, MI, secured the victory in the Coffey Plumbing and Heating Heat 2. During Heat Race 2, Stambaugh encountered a right rear tire issue and was unable to finish the heat. The third Heat Race, presented by HomePro Roofing, was won by Phil Gressman from Fremont, OH.

It was an absolutely fantastic Championship Night, and we proudly crowned Max Stambaugh from Elida, OH, as the well-deserved 2023 GLSS Tour Champion! Max's exceptional performance throughout the season earned him a remarkable total of 5,979 points. Stambaugh consistently shone in the GLSS/NRA series, and his latest victory added another remarkable achievement to his impressive list. In addition to winning the championship, Stambaugh also claimed the Hoosier Racing Tire Hard Charger award for the night.

The Top 10 Leaderboard for the season stands as follows:

  1. #71H Max Stambaugh (Elida, OH)
  2. #7C Phil Gressman (Fremont, OH)
  3. #X Mike Keegan (Fremont, OH)
  4. #17 Jared Horstman (Cloverdale, OH)
  5. #27 Brad Lamberson (Parma, MI)
  6. #85 Dustin Daggett (Grand Ledge, MI)
  7. #49t Gregg Dalman (Bellevue, MI)
  8. #11G Luke Griffith (Sandusky, OH)
  9. #16C Tylar Rankin (Coldwater, MI)
  10. #23 Devon Dobie (Wapakoneta, OH)

The Great Lakes Super Sprints presented by Engine Pro and ARP will make their return on Saturday, October 7th, at Waynesfield Motorsports Park for the season's final race!

To catch tonight's heat races and features, along with all the GLSS/NRA races, head over to the Great Lakes Super Sprints YouTube page. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates. For news, schedules, results, and points, visit and select your favorite division.

?? Photo Credits: Jim Denhamer

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Media Results for 9/9/2023 at Hartford Speedway - Hartford, MI
Great Lakes Super Sprints 20 Entries

A Feature 1 25 Laps | 00:30:50.942 | Engine Pro

  1. 10S-Jay Steinebach[3]; 2. X-Mike Keegan[9]; 3. 71H-Max Stambaugh[20]; 4. 85-Dustin Daggett[19]; 5. 20I-Kelsey Ivy[2]; 6. 17-Reece Saldana[7]; 7. 49T-Gregg Dalman[4]; 8. 19-Linden Jones[11]; 9. 42-Boston Mead[10]; 10. 14-Kyle Poortenga[12]; 11. 27K-Zac Broughman[13]; 12. 38-Max Frank[17]; 13. 14S-Eric Saunders[14]; 14. 27-Brad Lamberson[1]; 15. 19M-Jett Mann[6]; 16. 75-Micheal Summers[16]; 17. 7C-Phil Gressman[5]; 18. 67-Kevin Martens[18]; 19. 71-Garrett Saunders[15]; 20. 70-Eli Lakin[8]

Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:10:00.472 | Engler Machine & Tool

  1. 10S-Jay Steinebach[1]; 2. 19M-Jett Mann[5]; 3. 70-Eli Lakin[2]; 4. 17-Reece Saldana[4]; 5. 27K-Zac Broughman[6]; 6. 75-Micheal Summers[7]; 7. (DNF) 85-Dustin Daggett[3]

Heat 2 8 Laps | 00:06:56.866 | Coffey & Sons Plumbing & Heating

  1. 49T-Gregg Dalman[2]; 2. 20I-Kelsey Ivy[1]; 3. X-Mike Keegan[3]; 4. 19-Linden Jones[5]; 5. 14S-Eric Saunders[6]; 6. 38-Max Frank[7]; 7. (DNF) 71H-Max Stambaugh[4]

Heat 3 8 Laps | 00:05:19.009 | HomePro Roofing

  1. 7C-Phil Gressman[2]; 2. 27-Brad Lamberson[4]; 3. 42-Boston Mead[3]; 4. 14-Kyle Poortenga[1]; 5. 71-Garrett Saunders[5]; 6. 67-Kevin Martens[6]

Qualifying 1 | 00:02:35.031 | TI22 Performance

  1. 17-Reece Saldana, 00:14.815[20]; 2. 71H-Max Stambaugh, 00:14.846[11]; 3. 27-Brad Lamberson, 00:14.879[19]; 4. 85-Dustin Daggett, 00:14.957[6]; 5. X-Mike Keegan, 00:15.098[1]; 6. 42-Boston Mead, 00:15.123[3]; 7. 70-Eli Lakin, 00:15.156[15]; 8. 49T-Gregg Dalman, 00:15.193[8]; 9. 7C-Phil Gressman, 00:15.245[12]; 10. 10S-Jay Steinebach, 00:15.273[18]; 11. 20I-Kelsey Ivy, 00:15.302[4]; 12. 14-Kyle Poortenga, 00:15.388[5]; 13. 19M-Jett Mann, 00:15.426[7]; 14. 19-Linden Jones, 00:15.527[17]; 15. 71-Garrett Saunders, 00:15.777[14]; 16. 27K-Zac Broughman, 00:15.839[2]; 17. 14S-Eric Saunders, 00:15.901[13]; 18. 67-Kevin Martens, 00:16.543[16]; 19. 75-Micheal Summers, 00:16.859[9]; 20. (DNS) 38-Max Frank, 00:16.859

Article Credit: Brooke K. Pulice

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