Jamie Miller
Jamie Miller

Jamie Miller
Fostoria, OH



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Jamie MillerTakes MTS / BOSS Checkers at Fremont

Knowledge of Fremont Speedway is certainly an advantage when ever a touring organization visits The Track That Action Built. Fremont Speedway’s tough 305 sprint division proved that Saturday on Roots Poultry Night taking five of the top seven finishing positions against the Lane Automotive MTS and BOSS non-wing racers with Fostoria, Ohio’s Jamie Miller claiming the $2,000 victory.
“I enjoy taking the wing off every once and awhile…I usually run pretty good when we do. Last time I ran here non-wing I had a really bad crash and it was in this same car. It was fast then and it was fast tonight,” said Miller beside his Crown Battery backed #4m. “The first few laps I ran up top and there wasn’t much up there in one and two and I got really loose off the top there but I held my own.”
“I have to thank my dad and all my crew Jeff and Joe and my daughter, Kendra is here tonight and my girlfriend Valerie and Gressman Powersports. We had trouble with this motor when we put it in this car today and if it weren’t for Scott Gressman we wouldn’t be here right now,”

The 25-lap non-wing sprint feature – which was sanctioned by the BOSS and Lane Automotive Michigan Traditional Sprint Series – didn’t get off to a good start. The first attempt saw a massive collision involving Critter Malone, Mark Cassila and Dustin Smith. On the second try the red flew when Cory Crabtree, Chuck Wilson, Brian Smith, Mike Burkin and Dustin Dinan collided in turn three with Crabtree heading to the hospital with neck and back soreness. On the third attempt, Wilson would spin.
Once the race got going, it was a barn-burner as pole-sitter Roger Shammo took the lead over fellow 305 sprint drivers Miller and Stuart Brubaker with Tony Beaber right on their tails. Miller would rim-ride to Shammo’s outside on lap two as they battled side-by-side over the next two laps before Miller drove into the lead on lap 4. Miller narrowly avoided catastrophe on lap seven when he slid off the high side of turns one and two. But, he collected his machine back up and continued to lead with Shammo, Brubaker and Beaber locked in a torrid battle for second with 16th starter Steve Irwin closing.
Miller, who used the low line in turns one and two and the high groove in turns three and four, pulled away slightly while Shammo and Brubaker battled hard for second with Beaber and Irwin in tow. On lap 10 Brubaker, a three-time Fremont 305 sprint champion, finally got around Shammo for second. Miller’s patience was put to the test when he caught the back of the field on lap 14 as they raced side-by-side in front of him. This allowed Brubaker to close while Shammo was locked in a battle with Beaber and Irwin for third.
Miller and Brubaker raced nose to tail and at times side-by-side splitting lapped cars over the next six laps. Beaber would drive into third on lap 18, but traffic kept him from closing on the top two machines. With five laps to go Brubaker took a peak at Miller’s inside, but Miller held off the challenge and went on to his 10th career Fremont victory. Brubaker, Beaber, Irwin and Mike Burkin, who came from the tail after that opening lap incident, rounded out the top five.
MTS / BOSS Non-Wing 410 Sprints (30 Cars)
[#]-Starting Position
Heat 1 – (8 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

  1. 48-Mike Burkin[4] ; 2. 4M-Jamie Miller[1] ; 3. 2+-Brian Smith[2] ; 4. 3T-Tony Beaber[7] ; 5. 60C-Kory Crabtree[9] ; 6. 8-Lewie Christian[8] ; 7. 6-Ryan Dickey[3] ; 8.J1-Mark Shultz[10] ; 9. 26-Bill Griffith[6]
    Heat 2 – (8 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
  2. 37-Dustin Smith[3] ; 2. 35-Stuart Brubaker[2] ; 3. 91X-Aaron Middaugh[6] ; 4. 10S-Roger Shammo[5] ; 5. 31-Chuck Wilson[7] ; 6. OO-Joe Irwin[4] ; 7. 3-Mark Irwin[1] ; 8. 6B-Nate Bostrom[8]
    Heat 3 – (8 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
  3. 7-Critter Malone[1] ; 2. 91-Mark Cassila[4] ; 3. 59J-Kirk Jeffries[3] ; 4. 5-Dustin Dinan[6] ; 5. 14-Chad Wilson[7] ; 6. 9-Jimmy Colvin[5] ; 7. 1-Steve Irwin[8] ; 8. 2-Mike Galajda[9] ; 9. 8C-Tim Chaplain[10] ; 10. 1M-Mike Moore[2]
    B-Main – Computer Man Inc. (10 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
  4. 1-Steve Irwin[6] ; 2. 2-Mike Galajda[9] ; 3. 9-Jimmy Colvin[3] ; 4. OO-Joe Irwin[2] ; 5. 8-Lewie Christian[1] ; 6. 6B-Nate Bostrom[8] ; 7. 1M-Mike Moore[12] ; 8. 3-Mark Irwin[5] ; 9. J1-Mark Shultz[7] ; 10. 26C-Jeff Conrad[14] ; 11. 8C-Tim Chaplain[11] ; 12. 6-Ryan Dickey[4] ; 13. 74-Tony Main[13]
    A-Main – (25 Laps)
  5. 4M-Jamie Miller[4]; 2. 35-Stuart Brubaker[3]; 3. 3T-Tony Beaber[11]; 4. 1-Steve Irwin[16]; 5. 48-Mike Burkin[10]; 6. 10S-Roger Shammo[1]; 7. 5-Dustin Dinan[8];8. 2-Mike Galajda[17]; 9. 37-Dustin Smith[5]; 10. 59J-Kirk Jeffries[6]; 11. 91X-Aaron Middaugh[2]; 12. 9-Jimmy Colvin[18]; 13. 14-Chad Wilson[15]; 14. OO-JoeIrwin[19]; 15. 2+-Brian Smith[12]; 16. 31-Chuck Wilson[14]; 17. 7-Critter Malone[7]; 18. 91-Mark Cassila[9]; 19. 60C-Kory Crabtree[13]; 20. 8-Lewie Christian[20]
    Hard Charger: 1-Steve Irwin[+12]

MTS Sprint Car Series

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