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Hannagan Claims Inaugural Renegade Sprints Feature During Wild Freedom 40


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Hannagan Claims Inaugural Renegade Sprints Feature During Wild Freedom 40

Inside Line Promotions – CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (Aug. 23, 2014) – Randy Hannagan capitalized on a late opportunity to become the inaugural Renegade Sprints feature winner on Saturday at Atomic Speedway.

Hannagan, who started the 40-lap feature on the inside of the sixth row, took over the top spot when leader Cole Duncan got upside down with two laps remaining. Hannagan then held off 18th-starter Brandon Wimmer during a green-white-checkered finish to garner the $5,000-to-win victory at the Freedom 40.

“I would like to thank (Atomic Speedway Owner and Promoter) Brad (McCown) and the Renegade Series,” Hannagan said. “It’s a new beginning and what a great way to start.”

Hannagan methodically maneuvered toward the front once the green flag was waved, but it was Duncan who set a torrid pace.

After polesitter Caleb Armstrong led the opening lap before exiting the track a few laps later with a mechanical issue, Duncan was on cruise control out front. He led almost every lap before catching a rut exiting turn four with only a couple of laps remaining. Duncan was credited with a 14th-place result following the flip.

Armstrong and Duncan weren’t the only front runners to sustain issues on the fast track. Taylor Ferns, who battled for a spot on the podium for the most of the race, got into the wall with approximately six laps remaining. There were also a couple of other cars who flipped during the action-packed feature.

“The track was very fast,” Renegade Sprints President Shane Helms said. “Brad did all he could, but after a couple of days of rain in the area it was all we could do to get the race in. Everything wasn’t perfect and we’re going to get better. There’s going to be some growing pains, but all in all it was a great race. There were a lot of battles throughout the field and a lot of passing.”

Seven drivers passed at least nine cars in the feature, including Hannagan and Wimmer, who earned the Hard Charger Award for passing the most cars.

Chad Kemenah advanced from ninth to third place with Danny Smith placing fourth and Andrew Palker rounding out the top five.

Caleb Helms rebounded after sliding off the track and going a lap down to post a sixth-place finish. Dean Jacobs rallied from 19th to seventh. Mike Terry Jr. maneuvered from 17th to eighth, Jesse McCreary ended ninth and Mark Imler powered from 21st to finish 10th.

Duncan set quick time in qualifying with Jacobs, Wes McGlumphy, Imler and Wimmer each picking up a heat race win. Jim Nier scored the B Main victory and Armstrong won the dash.

Jimmy Stinson was unable to start the feature after flipping during the dash.

The night kicked off when a handful of drivers took their sprint cars to the entrance of the facility and greeted fans who arrived at Atomic Speedway. Drivers also participated in a helmet pass during the event, which raised more than $1,700 that will be donated to the family of Kevin Ward Jr.

“Hats off to Shane and his crew for getting this together,” Jacobs said.

Greg Wilson, who was the first driver to sign a letter of intent to race with the Renegade Sprints, missed the event after battling a medical condition throughout the week. Thoughts and prayers from series officials are extended to him.

The Renegade Sprints will return to Atomic Speedway on Oct. 24-25 for the $15,000-to-win Open Wheel Championships.


Time Trials: 1, 49-Cole Duncan. 2, 6-Jimmy Stinson. 3, 57x-Andrew Palker. 4, 55f-Taylor Ferns. 5, 7c-Caleb Armstrong. 6, 40-Caleb Helms. 7, 4-Danny Smith. 8, 97-Bryan Sebetto. 9, 5t-Travis Philo. 10, 63-Chad Kemenah. 11, a97-Aaron Higgins. 12, 11n-Randy Hannagan. 13, 9j-Jesse McCreary. 14, 99-Todd Kane. 15, 2-Nathan Skaggs. 16, 00-Jim Nier. 17, 56r-Ryan Myers. 18, 35r-Ronnie Blair. 19, 85-Mike Terry Jr. 20, 24h-Brandon Wimmer. 21, 9-Dean Jacobs. 22, 35-Wes McGlumphy. 23, 40i-Mark Imler. 24, 4x-Eddie Slone. 25, 5-Adam Stausser. 26, 83x-Nate Resser. 27, 6g-Cody Gardner. 28, 41-Randy Fink. 29, 37-Mark Coleman. 30, 26-Jeff Conrad. 31, 60-Cory Crabtree. 32, 22r-Kevin Roberts. 33, a79-Josh Davis. 34, 59n-Bryan Nuckles. 35, 3fx-Dean Kestler. 36, 22b-Ryan Broughton. 37, 06-Brandy Bower.

Heat 1 (10 laps/Top 5 to feature): 1, 9-Dean Jacobs (1). 2, 9j-Jesse McCreary (3). 3, 5t-Travis Philo (4). 4, 49-Cole Duncan (6). 5, 7c-Caleb Armstrong (5). 6, 56r-Ryan Myers (2). 7, 5-Adam Stausser (7). 8, a79-Josh Davis (9). 9, 37-Mark Coleman (8). 10, 06-Brandy Bower (10).

Heat 2 (10 laps/Top 5 to feature): 1, 35-Wes McGlumphy (1). 2, 6-Jimmy Stinson (6). 3, 99-Todd Kane (3). 4, 63-Chad Kemenah (4). 5, 40-Caleb Helms (5). 6, 83x-Nate Resser (7). 7, 59-Bryan Nuckles (9). 8, 26-Jeff Conrad (8). 9, 35r-Ronnie Blair (2).

Heat 3 (10 laps/Top 5 to feature): 1, 40i-Mark Imler (1). 2, 2-Nathan Skaggs (3). 3, 4-Danny Smith (5). 4, 57x-Andrew Palker (6). 5, 85-Mike Terry Jr. (2). 6, a97-Aaron Higgins (4). 7, 6g-Cody Gardner (7). 8, 3fx-Dean Kestler (9). 9, 60-Cory Crabtree (DNS).

Heat 4 (10 laps/Top 5 to feature): 1, 24h-Brandon Wimmer (2). 2, 11n-Randy Hannagan (4). 3, 4x-Eddie Slone (1). 4, 55f-Taylor Ferns (6). 5, 97-Bryan Sebetto (5). 6, 22r-Kevin Roberts (8). 7, 41-Randy Fink (7). 8, 00-Jim Nier (3). 9, Ryan Broughton (DNS).

B Main (Transfer drivers): 1, 00-Jim Nier (2). 2, a97-Aaron Higgins (1). 3, 35r-Ronnie Blair (4). 4, 5-Adam Stausser (5). 5, a79-Josh Davis (12).

Dash (6 laps): 1, 7c-Caleb Armstrong (1). 2, 49-Cole Duncan (2). 3, 57x-Andrew Palker (3). 4, Caleb Helms (4). 5, 55f-Taylor Ferns (6). 6, Jimmy Stinson (5).

A Main (40 laps): 1, 11n-Randy Hannagan (11). 2, 24h-Brandon Wimmer (18). 3, 63-Chad Kemenah (9). 4, 4-Danny Smith (6). 5, 57x-Andrew Palker (3). 6, 40-Caleb Helms (4). 7, 9-Dean Jacobs (19). 8, 85-Mike Terry Jr. (17). 9, 9j-Jesse McCreary (12). 10, 40i-Mark Imler (21). 11, 35r-Ronnie Blair (16). 12, a79-Josh Davis (24). 13, 4x-Eddie Slone (22). 14, 49-Cole Duncan (2). 15, 7c-Caleb Armstrong (1). 16, 55f-Taylor Ferns (5). 17, 00-Jim Nier (15). 18, 99-Todd Kane (13). 19, 35-Wes McGlumphy (20). 20, 97-Bryan Sebetto (7). 21, 2-Nathan Skaggs (14). 22, 5t-Travis Philo (8). 23, 5-Adam Strausser (23). 24, a97-Aaron Higgins (10).


Oct. 24-25 at Atomic Speedway in Chillicothe, Ohio, for the Open Wheel Championships


Website: http://www.Renegade410Sprints.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RenegadeSprints

E-mail: RenegadeSprints@yahoo.com


The Renegade Sprints is a new 410ci sprint car series with approximately 50 races throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Michigan. The series anticipates building a points fund for eligible drivers and for every race to pay at least $5,000 to win.


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