Danny Clark
Danny Clark

Danny Clark
Plainfield, IN

Driver Information

I have always loved cars, and dreamed of racing someday. I used to look through car magazines and dream of rebuilding motors and restoring a 69 Camaro. Every Sunday night we would pile in the car and head to Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN to watch the races. We watched Mark Cummins, Chuck Amati, and Kevin Briscoe tear up the track which fueled the desire to go racing.

I worked hard mowing lawns and doing other things to make money, but would never be enough to buy a race car. It did allow me to race remote control cars which I had a blast doing. I also spent a lot of time playing baseball and football which I loved and had a tremendous passion for. I continued going to dirt track races and began watching NASCAR on TV as its popularity grew. Through the years I continued to be a huge fan of dirt track racing.

In 1998 I graduated from Purdue University and started on my career. I became very focused, as with everything I do, to climb the ladder and make a good living. This didn't leave time for any racing, or competitive sports which I truly missed. Other than NASCAR, I also lost my racing roots a bit. I did find the sport of triathlon though which fed my appetite for racing and kept me in shape.

In 2012 my outlook on life changed, and it was mine for the taking. I won a bike race and came in second overall in a triathlon while also suffering a broken shoulder blade in between. My sister Tracie and I were going to dirt track races again and loving it. At this point my news article "2013 Dream" takes over, and I am officially a race car driver!

I had a very competitive first year, and was very close on one race to my first win. I look forward to big things in 2014!!

Career Highlights

My career highlights currently don't pertain to car racing, but instead triathlons. I completed the 2008 Ironman in Louisville, KY. I have won bike races and many age groups awards, but all pale in comparison to the hard work, dedication, and fortitude to become an Ironman Finisher.


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