6/11/2024 - Alaska Raceway Park
6/11/2024 - Alaska Raceway Park

Alaska Raceway Park


Alaska Speed Week

Get ready for the ultimate thrill ride of Speed Week! Over the course of seven heart-pounding days, racers will embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey through the stunning landscapes of Alaska.

The adventure kicks off at Alaska Raceway Park, the starting point of an epic road trip. From there, the racers will make their way to Fairbanks, where the city will be a stark contrast to the rugged wilderness they've traversed. Next on the map is the enchanting town of North Pole, where the spirit of Christmas is alive year-round! As the racers push further into the Alaskan wilderness, they'll arrive in Tok, a hidden gem known for its breathtaking scenery. It's a chance to soak in the rugged beauty of the Last Frontier before heading back to Alaska Raceway Park for the grand finale.

Speed Week is not just a race-it's an adventure of a lifetime that will test the limits of man and machine! Are you ready to join the excitement? Buy tickets now at https://aksw.tracksideapp.com/


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