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Hero Cards - Not JUST a "Hero Card"

Hero Cards - Not JUST  a "Hero Card"
Hero Cards - Not JUST  a "Hero Card"

Hero Cards are a very important part of your racing program. Most teams think of the Hero Cards as "that thing you need" for all of those families with young kids and even adults wanting a photo of their favorite driver and an autograph. Well that is true, but why not utilize them as a Marketing Tool?
I've raced for many years, and finally set my helmet on a temporary retirement shelf in 2012, but in the very late 90's and early 2000's, I raced quite a bit at many different tracks across the Midwest and South. I was never a Professional Racer, but that didn't mean I treated it as just a hobby. I worked hard on finding ways to generate and keep large Marketing Partners to allow me to do what I loved.

Hero Cards are a tool, a marketing tool. You have to change your mind-set on what Hero Cards are. I realize the kids and families love them, but your Marketing Partners can benefit greatly from you handing them out. Here at MyRacePass, a division of Driver Websites, we do many Hero Cards for many race teams across the country. The majority of the cards that we do are very generalized. On the front of the cards they'll have the driver or team name, along with a really big photo of the car, and some cool graphic design to make them really stand out. On the back of the cards will generally be all of the driver or team accomplishments, a quick bio of the team, a list of their sponsors or Marketing Partners, and possibly a list of crew members and a "Special Thanks to Mom and Dad." All of that is terrific content for your Hero Cards (especially the Special Thanks to Mom and Dad). But, let's take it one step further.

When I was at my busiest of racing, I had 4 main Marketing Partners that helped me tremendously. We did more for each other than any other type of traditional marketing/advertising. But, since we are talking about Hero Cards here, I will explain what we did. I made 4 different styles of Hero Cards. Each one was tailored to one of my specific Marketing Partners. The front had all of my information - name, hometown, class racing, photo of me and a photo of the car, and a nice sized logo of one of my Marketing Partners on the lower left side of the card. On the back of the cards did include some of my information, but mainly it was an advertisement for my Marketing Partners. There was always a message - "$12.99 Oil Changes, Buy 3 Tires Get One Free, Free Brake Inspection, Free Alignment Check"
I think you get the point, but the back of the cards were tailored to driving business into my Marketing Partners front door. The business location, phone number, web address (if they had one at that time), contact name, and all the pertinent information were on the back of the cards. The customer (race fan) had to have that "Josh Holt Racing" hero card to get those deals. Once I had those cards created I would keep a pile of each in a different corner of my trailer and then if I was at certain locations in which it would be the best for my Marketing Partner, I would hand out those cards. I would also shuffle up the cards, similar how you would with your poker buddies, and then as fans came up to me at the end of the races, all my Marketing Partners would get noticed.

If I had left over cards at the end of the year, I simply gave them back to my Partners and they would enjoy just giving them out to their customers bragging about "Their Race Team". Also, I never paid for any of those cards... Guess who did?

We have Hero Cards on sale at MyRacePass for this point. We want you to understand that your typical hero card can be way more than just a hero card. It's another tool in your Marketing Tool Box. Try us out in a generalized card and I know you'll like what you see. Then, start planning this year, talking to your Marketing Partners, and put together a quick and easy strategy for driving business to their doors. You do that - you'll see great returns.

Josh Holt

  • Former Race Driver and Race Track Promoter, Co-Founder of Driver Websites, MyRacePass, and Sprint Source

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