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The Power of Social Media and Websites

The Power of Social Media and Websites

Producing great Marketing Partners and keeping continued support from these Marketing Partners is certainly not an easy task. If it was easy, every racer out there would have mult-year, mult-thousand dollar contracts. How many racers do you know have everything they use close to paid for by a big Marketing Partner? Not many.. That is not because it is impossible, it is because it takes more work than what you may realize.

I've talked about many different tools to put into your Marketing Tool Box, and there certainly are more to add which will come. But, right now, let us look at some of the easy things you can do, utilizing a very inexpensive and potentially free resource.

That almighty tool called The Internet - How many times have you been on Facebook today? How many times have you looked at a website today? How many tweets did you scroll through? If you are reading this, you are on our website, but I bet it came from a Social Media post! Remember that as you read through this article.

Using the power of Social Media to direct people to your posts and information on your website is one of the easiest, most inexpensive, and fun aspects of showing return to your Marketing Partners investment. Come up with a plan and with that plan have a copied set of @ YourMarketingPartners (for twitter) on your phone that you can easily access and paste to your posts. Post information, results, photos, etc. to your website, then copy that link, followed by all of your Marketing Partners to drive traffic to your website via all the Social Media websites - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.. You have a limited amount of characters you can post on most social sites before it gets too long, or maybe the Social Site simply won't allow more. That is why your website is important. Driving fans to your website opens up the doors to having them view other news articles, photos, and most importantly, your Partners logos.

Not all posts need to be driving traffic to your website, but anything you mention should have your Partners information in it. This will drive new customers to check out your Marketing Partners social sites, which will then in turn to driving your fans (your Partners future customers), to their website and ultimately providing sales. Do weekly tweets and Facebook posts on specific days about your Partners. For Example, you could do a "Acme Company Tuesday". Be consistent with that and your Partners will see increased followers and an increased number of potential customers. Provide Them with the lead, let them make the sale. Many companies pay a lot of money for just the leads. Leads are simply a potential customer. The more leads you provide your Partners, the more Sales they will see. Be sure to work with your Marketing Partners on this strategy. Ask them what specials they may want to push, or even the correct terminology of their services. Your Partners will start to think that they have their own Social Media and website "Strategist" and if you do this well enough, you'll see a bigger check next year.

Having a website is very important in many different levels. A website is very inexpensive and easy to maintain. We will talk more about the benefits of a website in later columns, but for this scenario, you have a place in which your Marketing Partners can go to easily access results/information/schedules and they can use that internally just to keep an "eye" on their race team, but every business owner likes to brag about who they are Partnered with and they'll be pushing your website to their customers. What does that do? Well, in short - more of their customers going to your website equals more race fans for you. More race fans for you generate more T-Shirt sales.

Remember this:
Your Fans = Your Marketing Partners Potential Customers
Your Marketing Partners Customers = Your Potential Fans

You want more fans. The more fans you have the more marketable you are. The more marketable you are the easier it is to generate Marketing Partners and acquire those mult-year, mult-thousand dollar contacts.

Are you starting to see the circle of the Marketing Partnership between you and them?

Josh Holt

  • "Temporarily Retired" Driver and Race Track Promoter, Co-Founder of Driver Websites, MyRacePass, and Sprint Source, President of 16 Companies, LLC.

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