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Benefits of Having a Website for Your Race Team

Benefits of Having a Website for Your Race Team

Websites are important. Some will argue that having a Facebook page and a Twitter page is sufficient for gaining great Marketing Partners, but that is certainly not the case. Those popular social sites are a great supplement to a custom race team website. You need all to successfully promote your team and your career and having just a Facebook page will certainly not show success.

Remember, your FANS are your Marketing Partners' Customers. Never forget that. That mentality alone will help you generate more, longer lasting relationships with potential Marketing Partners. With that being said, utilize the Power of Social Media to drive FANS to your website. Since smartphones are now a regular form of video and photography, use that resource. Take photos and videos until you go blue in the face. Put all of those photos and videos on your website and then transfer them to all the social sites to get your followers to travel back to your website. Tell your fans via your Social Media post to check out the new photos or videos on your website and then include the link to that page on your website. You can copy and paste the website URL from your photos/videos page into your social media post, preceded by a line that explains what you did or what the video/photo is all about. Also be sure to include your Marketing Partners @ or Hashtag in ALL of your Facebook or Twitter posts. You'll generally get a re-tweet or a share from your Marketing Partners, and they love having all the extra mentions via Social Media.

Getting back to the website, you can have as much information about your sponsors on your website as you can - promoting their services. If you don't have that ability with your website you can at least have your Marketing Partners' logos on the site that would be clickable to their website. What you are doing there is generating leads for your Partners. Remember, they (Marketing Partners) invested in YOU purely for leads and more sales for their business.

Use ALL of the tools that are available at your fingertips. Ask your web development company if they can track your Partner Logos' impressions and clicks. If your company does, ask them how to acquire that information as a report. Utilize that report to show your Partners at the end of the year what they all get for traffic, just from the website.

Websites are also important for a database of your career. Your fans and potential Marketing Partners want to know as much about you as possible. A nicely formatted, easy to use website that is updated regularly is the best way to achieve that.

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