Malvern Bank 360 Sprints
Malvern Bank 360 Sprints

Malvern Bank 360 Sprints

Series Information

The Malvern Bank 360 Sprints are a regional touring series for 360 Sprint Cars.

Malvern Bank 360 Sprint Series

Our Mission:

To perpetuate 360 sprint car racing in the Midwest by providing the best wheel to wheel, balls to the wall, action packed, go as fast as you can and then turn left sprint car racing in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota.

Our Teams:
We are 360 sprint car teams in the Midwest who wish to race anywhere, anytime!

Our Cars:
Sprint cars are purpose built race cars made of chromemoly tubular frames with 360 cubic inch, fire breathing V-8 engines. Sprint cars do not have a transmission or starter like your family car and they have to be push started. They also have large aluminum front and top wings that allows them to go around corners as fast as possible.

Our Fans:
They are the most dedicated, loyal race fans of anywhere. Sprint car fans will travel many miles and go any place just to attend a good sprint car race.

2023 MB 360 Sprint Series Rules

2024 MB 360 Sprint Series Registration

Here is the link for pre-entry registrations and memberships.