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Wythe Raceway

Wythe Raceway
Rural Retreat, VA

Attn: Pro Mini Drivers


Wythe Raceway

Attn: Pro Mini Drivers

We are working on the 2023 Randy's Tire Shop Pro Mini Rules. We would like your ideas and suggestions. Please use the discussion on our Facebook page at www.Facebook.Com/IncredibleHalfMile or email your ideas and suggestions to ChrisBrown24382@Gmail.Com with "Pro Mini Rules" in the subject line.

Thank you.

Wythe Raceway 2022 Randy’s Tire Shop PRO MINI RULES

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements of such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES & OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport & are in no way a guarantee against INJURY or DEATH of a participant, spectator or official. Technical director shall be empowered to permit deviations from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final. The term Wythe Raceway shall include but not limited to owners, lessees, lessors, agents, etc.
2022 PRO MINI Rules
The intent of rules and rule changes will allow racers to have a safe and an economical race car. Any attempt to get around the concept or the intent of these rules or changes will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

  1. Standard rear wheel drive. Stock wheelbase for make & model.
  2. Body: May use stock appearing aftermarket bodies or Late model type of body with open rear.
    Fiberglass or metal hood OK. Factory unitized chassis or fabricated with stock dimensions.
  3. Firewall & floorboard may be removed and replaced with steel. Holes in firewall must be covered.
  4. Hood scoops may not be functional. Hole in hood OK for air cleaner.
  5. Bumpers: Aftermarket tube type OK. Stock spoiler or 5” maximum height with no sides.
  6. Tow hooks: front and rear required.
  7. Tires: 2022 Pro Mini Tire Rule Update effective Updated 4-14-2022
    Any 8" tire no softer then Hoosier 1600.
    DOT tires or race tires are legal.
  8. Wheels: 13” steel, 8” max. Offset wheels ok, One inch (1”) lug nuts required.
  9. Brakes: Stock type, OEM production assemblies. Rear disc brakes are permitted. No proportional valves.
    Updated 2-4-2022
  10. Suspension: Components in stock location (see tech for clarification).
  11. Rear shocks $75.00 claim, Screw jacks, springs any rate OK. No coil overs.
  12. Struts: Top mount any location. $100.00 claim.
  13. Caster camber plates: Adjustable OK.
  14. Engine: Ford 2300 cc, stock location, standard production block. (Other makes may use 2300cc engine). Balancing engine components OK but not to lighten.
  15. Crankshaft: Stock production, 1D/2D, stock stroke 3.126”.
  16. Head: Stock production. No Deport Heads. Heads may be modified by Porting and Polishing.
  17. Valves: Two valves per cylinder 1.739” and 1.502”.
  18. Valve springs: Aftermarket valve springs with damper OK. No double springs.
  19. Cam Shaft: Maximum lift .425” with .025” lash at valve for solid & 0 lash for hydraulic. No roller cams.
  20. Adjustable Cam pulley: OK.
  21. Pistons: Forged or cast flat top OEM type.
  22. Rings: Thick or thin rings that fit OEM type pistons.
  23. Floating Wrist pins: OK.
  24. Rod bolts: ARP Ok
  25. Rods: Stock or aftermarket steel, maximum of 5.7”. (No lighter than 585g).
  26. Carburetors: Stock Holley 350 #7448 (Claim $300). Must pass track gauges. Air horn must have #, may cut end of screw. No grinding, no polishing. Float bowl must face towards front of engine. Or stock factory two-barrel carb with “Holley licensed by Weber” in fuel bowl.
  27. Carb spacer: Maximum. 1.000”.
    29: Intake: Stock, no modifications.
    30: Headers: OK ($150 claim). Exhaust exit parallel to ground.
    31: Brakes: Stock functional, OEM production type OK.
  28. Clutch: Stock (8 1/2” min) with stock pressure plate. 24 lbs minimum weight with bolts & steel flywheel.
  29. Transmission: Stock 3, 4 or 5 speed in stock location. No gears removed & no lightening.
  30. Rear ends: Any gear ratio, may lock. No quick changes. No coil over shocks.
  31. Fuel pump: Stock type. If no provision, may use electric, must have safety cut off switch.
  32. Ignition: Stock OEM type distributor. Later model stock ignition components OK.
  33. Oil pan: Any wet sump.
  34. Air cleaner: Any
  35. Weight: Minimum 2325 lbs w/driver.
  36. Weight brake: Total of 25 lb weight break with approved Head, Neck, Restraint system. Full containment seat is also recommended.
  37. Protest: $300.00 cash, Acceptance fee $100.00. Track keeps $100.00. Intake, Head, Pistons, Cam, Bore, Stroke. Additional $100.00. Crankshaft, Rods, Clutch Rods, Clutch, Flywheel.
  38. Entry/license application and Federal W9 must be on file prior to going on track, before any points, purse or prizes will be awarded. All cars must go through tech prior to competing and have current year Tech Decal.
    43.Tech inspection and Tech decal does not imply or certify that the race car is safe or meets all the rules. Drivers, car owners and crew are responsible for the safety, operation and rule compliance of the race car. Tech inspection will not prevent death, serious injury or property damage. By entering the premises, all participants (includes anyone in restricted area) have agreed to abide by all rules, regulations and decisions by officials of Wythe Raceway.
  39. No Driver is permitted to get out of car on track at any time (unless on fire). Track official will contact race director to request permission for driver to exit race car. If you exit car prior to receiving permission: You will be disqualified, no points or awards and a fine of $100.00 will be imposed. Fine must be paid prior to entering pits. Fine may be doubled if not paid by the last race of the current season.
  40. No pit crew members are allowed on track at any time. If Rescue Squad, Fire Department or Wrecker crew needs your assistance, track officials will request your help. No work is permitted to car on track, if you think you have a problem, go to pits.
  41. Officials will not pull fenders or make any decisions as to extent of damage, go to pits if you have a problem. Do not stop on track at any time to talk to track official (you may be sent to rear).
  42. Window net, Fire retardant driving suit and gloves, RACEceivers and all Safety Equipment is required to be used when on the race track.
  43. Mirrors OK. No light sticks, No Radios or any signaling devices between driver and crew.
  44. PENALTY BOX on Wythe Raceway FaceBook will list penalties.
  45. Wythe Raceway.com and Bulletin Board in Tech building for updates, addendums, etc.
  46. Disciplinary Action: Disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to, the right of Wythe Raceway officials to suspend either temporarily or permanently, any driver, team member or team sponsor whose actions, in the sole opinion and discretion of Wythe Raceway officials, may have resulted in, or may result in, harm or detriment to Wythe Raceway Events. The Series organizers Wythe Raceway officials also reserve the right to request the removal of any derogatory or distasteful statements on any race car or hauler. Failure to comply with this request for removal may result in disqualification from Wythe Raceway Events. The decisions made and the disciplinary actions taken by Wythe Raceway officials shall not be appealed by the driver, team member or team sponsor(s).
  47. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Any driver/crew member/participant found by Wythe Raceway officials to be engaging in unsportsmanlike behavior or any inappropriate behavior that affects the orderly conduct of an event, the interests of dirt track racing will receive a penalty. This includes any aggressive action toward a Wythe Raceway official by a driver/crew member/participant including arguing, yelling or raising their voice when talking to an official, for touching the official in any physical way.
    Social media posts or statements that are offensive or detrimental to Wythe Raceway or a Wythe Raceway official will be subject to penalties. Driver/crew member/participants are solely responsible for the actions of all team members. Should a team member show unsportsmanlike conduct, Wythe Raceway officials may penalize the driver/crew member or participant for the actions of the crew member in addition to any penalty to the crew member for his/her actions.
  48. Read General Rules for additional rules and information.
    Pro Mini Rules 2022
    01-12-2022 Brake update 2-4-2022 #10
  49. Brakes: Stock type, OEM production assemblies. Rear disc brakes are permitted. No proportional valves.
    Updated 2-4-2022
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