Payton Brown
Payton Brown

Payton Brown
Calhoun, LA

Driver Information

Years Racing: 2 1/2
Division(s): Super Late Model, Crate Late Model
Chassis: Rocket XR1
Engine: Brown Engineering
Team Owner: Joey Brown
Favorite Racetrack: Super Bee Speedway (Chatham, La.)
Racing Hero: Brandon Sheppard, Shane Hebert
Most Memorable Moment: Winning at the Rev (Monroe, La.) the first time in my new car.
Race Most Like To Win: World 100 at Eldora Speedway (Rossburg, Ohio)

Brief History
Despite only have a couple of years of racing under his belt, Payton has already enjoyed success. He's accumulated 5 wins in the Street Stock division along with a 2021 Super Bee Speedway Street Stock Track Championship.

He also raced to the 2022 Super Bee Speedway (Chatham, La.) Crate Late Model Track Championship.


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