Tulsa Quarter Midget Series
Tulsa Quarter Midget Series

Tulsa Quarter Midget Series

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Harry Baker Begins it All.
Harry Baker is Mr. Quarter Midget in Tulsa

Harry Baker saw his first quarter midgets in Phoenix, Arizona. . . He contacted his friend Clyde Bayer. . . Mr. Baker purchased several quarter midgets and brought them back to Tulsa. The two of them basically founded the sport in Tulsa.

Mr. Baker owned Monarch Asphalt, near where Acme Brick is now located on Dawson Road between Pine and Yale Ave.

They held the first preliminary exhibition race in 1957 at the Edison School parking lot on 41st St.

Mr. Baker also owned land at 1901 N. Yale which he dedicated to the City of Tulsa as a Park, under the Tulsa Parks Department, with the premise it remains a quarter midget track.

Clyde Bayer (and others no doubt) helped build and start the track which opened in 1958 and has been in continuous operation ever since.

Work Parties for the members started from the very first. This is still the way his non-profit vision operates.

The Dad's back then used to all get together and haul hay to put around the track as the safety barrier (in effect building the original soft walls).

Clyde Bayer owned Bayer Marine. Clyde's grandson, Kevin Bayer is a well-known local Mini Sprint & Midget Driver.

Harry Baker, Sr, is the founder of Quarter Midget Racing in Tulsa, with great assistance from Mr. Clyde Bayer. We ALL Owe HARRY BAKER & CLYDE BAYER our Thanks.