Tulsa Quarter Midget Association
Tulsa Quarter Midget Association

Tulsa Quarter Midget Association

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What is a quarter midget?

What is a Quarter Midget?
A Quarter Midget is a racecar for kids. It is a real racecar, fully adjustable, and quite sophisticated, designed especially for kids, It is often described as one fourth the size of a full midget, like those run at Tulsa's Chili Bowl, or those on the various traveling circuits.

Most cars are made from the many current manufactures, and can be purchased new, or used (see our classified section, or ask a member). But for the innovative, a few are even custom built by the Fathers/Grandfathers/Uncles, etc. And everyone seems to come up with some sort of secret advantage they won't share with anyone.

The car has a separate frame, fully changeable shocks, independent axles, adjustable radius rods, panard bars, and a variety of ever changing tires. There are various engines configurations for a variety of classes for drivers as they learn and grow in both age and skill.

Who are the Drivers?
Well, Jeff Gordon drove one, on the Tulsa Track too. The drivers are children ages 5 to 16. Some come from a racing family, but most families just start their own traditions. The Drivers are very safe in these cars. They go through an extensive Novice Program before they are allowed to race.

It is amazing watching five and six and seven and eight year olds compete with these cars with great skill and precision. And by the time the drivers are older and have experience, it is a full scale racing action as good as any in any racing sport.

The Drivers develop friendships and a big confidence like no other sport can provide. But when the green flag drops, the kids are very competitive. Then they go over and play with each as best friends.

Dad's may be looking over the rules discussing this or that, why the car is tight, or why the car is loose, or why some call was made, but the kids are over there playing. It is all in fun.

Is it Safe?
It is very safe. The drivers are fully enclosed in a roll cage with safety bars all around to handle the bumps and crashes. They do crash, but they are fully ready for crashes. The drivers have SFA approved helmets, held to a much higher standard than motorcycle helmets or football helmets. They driver is dressed in a fireproof racing suit (though fires are very very rare, and fire extinguishers are located everywhere). The drivers have special approved gloves, neck padding, arm restraints, and a full five point seat belt harness that has to be replaced and upgraded every few years according to USAC specifications.
The racing facility is a USAC safety approved track, designed to meet very high safety standards as developed by over fifty years of racing. A lot of tracks, Tulsa included, have installed various forms of the "soft wall" to take the impact of a wreck. And wrecks do occur. The cars will occasionally flip over, or become entangled with another car. But usually (if the car is not damaged, or is quickly fixable), the driver just wants to roll it back on four wheels, and be pushed off to reenter the race. It is a very proud situation when this happens. Just like the old saying of falling off the horse and getting back on, these kids want to continue racing. They are racers.

The Club

Tulsa Quarter Midget Association (TQMA) is a Non Profit Corporation registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. Membership meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month according to the by-laws.

TQMA is a Tax Exempt Charitable organization pursuit to IRS regulations for 501(c)3. Current IRS compliance status can be confirmed at the site listed.

Donation letters and approval forms are available through the Secretary / Treasurer as listed on the officers' page.

TQMA is SANCTIONED by the United States Auto Club (Usac), an organization of professional racers of many levels. We follow their rules and regulations. We also race in The Central Series circuit as part of USAC. We can also race in their National Series, race at Indy, at Pocono, Pikes Peak,. There are also DIRT RACES, as close as JOPLIN, MO.

TQMA is run by its current membership. Officers are nominated in October and voted upon each November, and hold office for one year. There are NO PAID OFFICERS, nor is the club associated with any political organization. No political activity is allowed to comply with the IRS 501(c)3 requirements.

The current members are responsible for maintaining the facilities, as well as the long term health of the club. No one owns this club. The current members operate it. While some disagreements amongst people do occur, and have always occurred, it is the intent this club will continue for a very long time as "a current club member run organization".

Work parties, and participation in operating the events, are therefore an integral and vital part of membership in this organization. It takes all of us, our individual talents and abilities, for the club to function for the kids and families. It has been that way since the beginning concepts of Harry Baker.

However, MOST IMPORTANTLY WE ALL WATCH OUT for ALL THE CHILDREN. They are ALL OURS and we all help each other take care of everyones kids, both in safety and in sportsmanship. We are all in this together.

Enjoy your experience, teach your children well, let others teach your children, be good sports, help each other, and be competitive all the way. Always remember though, very important obligations come with this style of club structure. But it also brings a lot of creative enjoyment, freedom, and friendship, and a lifetime of memories.

In reality, every person who has ever been a member of this club actually owns a little piece of this club. So when it is your turn, please respect all of us: past, present, and future.

We do this by choice. We do this for fun. We do this because we want to do this. So have a LOT OF FUN. And create some more history, and memories, for all of us.

Take Care of "Our Club", and pass it on.