Redwood Acres Raceway
Redwood Acres Raceway

Redwood Acres Raceway
Eureka, CA

Track Information


3/8 Mile

Semi Banked


D Oval

151 ft.

Redwood Acres Raceway is a 3/8-mile paved oval located in Eureka, California. The facility opened in 1947 Redwood Acres Raceway has also been known as Redwood Speedway, Redwood Acres Speedway and Eureka Speedway. RAR is one of the oldest active speedways not only in the western region but in the United States. There has not been a season where racing hasn't been active at the track since it has opened.

RAR began as a 5/8-mile dirt oval but was reconfigured in 1956 and 1957 to accommodate the NASCAR Grand National (now Monster Energy) Series. The speedway went from its original dirt configuration to its current asphalt layout in the 1987/1988 offseason. RAR features 6 degrees of banking on the front stretch, 2 degrees of banking on the back and 12 degrees in the turns. The raceway is one of the biggest short tracks in California with only Kern County Raceway Park (1/2-mile) and Shasta Speedway (3/8-mile) being as large or larger.

Over the years, RAR has hosted numerous "big-time" events. Besides hosting NASCAR's Grand National Series, the track has featured events featuring the NASCAR Pacific Coast Late Model Series, later known as Winston West and currently known as the K&N Pro West Series. From 1988-1994 and in 1995, the NASCAR Southwest Tour Series visited the speedway once a year. In fact, RAR's events were under NASCAR's sanction from 1988 through 1995.

The season finale in late September of 1990 was the beginning of the annual Fall Spectacular which became the biggest race of each year. The 100-lap open competition late model race has seen the very best late model drivers in the region compete. RAR has played host to other top late model competitors over the years with races from the Nor-Cal Best In The West Series, the North State Challenge Series and more recently the Spears SRL Southwest Tour Series all taking place.

RAR is also very familiar with open-wheel action as the yearly IMCA/Grand American Modified portion of the Fall Spectacular was arguably the biggest race of the year for those drivers. The North State Modified Series has become a staple at the raceway the past several years with some of the best competition. Through the years, other open wheel series such as the Western Super Modified Racing Association, the BCRA Midgets and the USAC Western Sprint cars have pounded the Redwood Acres pavement.

As noted previously, many great names have raced at RAR. The 1956 NASCAR Grand National event was won by Herb Thomas who was not only one of the top drivers of the 1950s but has been inducted in numerous halls of fame. Another all-time great, Hershel McGriff is also a hall of fame racer who has not only raced but won at the raceway. NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee Ron Hornaday, Jr. won twice at RAR in NASCAR's Southwest Tour Series. Of course, RAR has developed its own local legends over the years. Ferndale, California's Jim Walker is probably the most recognizable name. Walker is not only one of the most beloved drivers by fans all over the west coast, he's one of the most respected and admired by his racing peers.

Redwood Acres Raceway Track Records

Current Divisions/Touring Series:
Bombers: Brandon White – 17.477 77.24 MPH (July 11, 2020)
Late Models: Brandon White – 15.685, 86.53 MPH (July 1, 2017)
Legends: Cody Winchel – 17.601, 76.70 MPH (September 25, 2021)
Mini Stocks: Brett Murrell – 18.549 72.78 MPH (July 11, 2020)
Roadrunners: R.C. Brown – 19.811, 68.18 MPH (September 30, 2017)
North State Modified Series: Jason Philpot - 16.152, 83.58 MPH (September 25, 2021)

Other Divisions/Touring Series:
Pacific Challenge Series: Jeremy Doss - 15.413, 87.59 MPH (September 30, 2012)
BCRA Midgets: Dallas Melby - 14.977 90.14 MPH (May 19, 2007)
NASCAR Southwest Tour: Mike Chase - 15.051, 89.69 MPH (April 27, 1989)
NASCAR Winston West: Jim Bown - 15.732, 85.81 MPH (August 25, 1990)
Nor-Cal Best In The West Late Models: Randy Olson - 15.081, 89.52 MPH (June 1, 1991)
Nor-Cal Best In The West Pro Trucks: Rusty Olson - 16.405, 82.29 MPH (August 29, 1998)
North State Challenge Series Late Models: Randy Hvall - 14.648, 92.16 MPH (April 28, 2001)
Northern California Pro-4 Modifieds: Chris Sarvinski 16.987, 79.47 MPH (September 25, 2010)
Bandoleros: Kadence Toland – 20.816, 64.85 MPH (June 11, 2020)
Limited Street Stocks: Trevor Miller - 17.143, 78.75 MPH
Real Stocks: Shawn Craig - 18.763, 71.95 MPH
Spears SRL Southwest Tour Series: Blaine Rocha - 15.410, 87.66 MPH (August 6, 2016)
Sportsman: Mic Moulton - 15.762, 85.65 MPH
Super Modifieds: Rebel Jackson, Jr. – 12.870, 104.89 MPH
Super Stocks: Randy Olson - 15.173, 88.97 MPH (September 29, 1990)
Thunder Roadsters: Paul Peeples, Jr. - 16.839, 80.17 MPH
USAC Western Sprint Car Series: Mike Murgoito - 14.625, 92.31 MPH (June 11, 2005)

Redwood Acres Raceway Track Champions

Super Stock: Jack Prangley

Super Stock: Red Christainsen

Super Stock: Denny Myers

Super Stock: Rudy Zeck

Super Stock: Bob Britt

Super Stock: Jim Walker

Super Stock: Jim Walker

Super Stock: Jim Walker
Hobby: Mitch Gilbert

Super Stock: Ray Luzzi
Hobby: Don Bailey

Super Stock: Larry Pries
Street Stock: Don Caldwell

Super Stock: Rudy Zeck
Street Stock: Joe Wilson

Super Stock: Tom Wyatt
Street Stock: Joe Wilson

Super Stock: Larry Pries
Street Stock: Casey Dungan

Super Stock: Don Price
Street Stock: Bob Woody
Jalopy: Mike Rodriguez

Super Stock: Larry Pries
Street Stock: Anthony Nunes
Jalopy: Dennis Myers


Super Stock: Ken Wallan
Ltd. Sportsman: Fergy Ferguson
Jalopy: Pat Walsh
Ltd. Modified Wally Martins, Jr.

Super Stock: Hank Hilton
Ltd. Sportsman: Mike Bradbury
Jalopy: Jerry Toledo
Ltd. Modified: Roger Carter

Super Stock: Vic Blanc
Ltd. Sportsman: Geoff Neely
Ltd. Modified: Tim Marsh
Bomber: Skip Richter
Jalopy: Jerry Toledo

Super Stock: Verta Hennell
Ltd. Sportsman: Casey Dungan
Bomber: Jim Porter, Jr.
Open Wheel: Tim Marsh

Super Stock: Bill Hall
Ltd. Sportsman: Matt Kunkler
Hobby Stock: Jim Porter, Jr.
Open Wheel Lonnie Tamboury, Jr.

Super Stock: Ron Peters
Hobby Stock: Jim Porter, Jr.
Open Wheel: Brent Dothage

Super Stock: Mark Baldwin

Super Stock: Jim Walker
Street Stock: Tim Standifer

Super Stock: Jim Walker
Street Stock: Rusty Olson
Mini Stock: Doug Pulver

Super Stock: Randy Olson
Street Stock: Glenn Shewry
Mini Stock: Doug Pulver

Sportsman: Randy Olson
Mini Stock: Jerry McCurtain/Matt Kunkler

Sportsman: Randy Olson
Mini Stock: Tony Pulver

Sportsman: Steve Moulton
Mini Stock: Ron Borges

Sportsman: Rusty Olson
Mini Stock: Bert Guthridge

Sportsman: Glenn Shewry
Pure Stock: Ray Rapp
Mini Stock: Mic Moulton

Sportsman: Glenn Shewry
Pure Stock: Ray Rapp
Mini Stock: Bernard Burns

Sportsman: Tim McCracken
Pure Stock: Otis Stabler
Mini Stock: Bernard Burns

Sportsman: Larry Pries
Pure Stock: Craig Johnson
Mini Stock: Bernard Burns

Sportsman: Otis Stabler
Pure Stock: Craig Johnson
Mini Stock: Phil Wood

Sportsman: Angelo Marcelli
Pure Stock: Jeff Broderson
Real Stock: Rusty Turner
Mini Stock: Jason Shaha

Sportsman: Shawn Andrews
Pure Stock: Craig Johnson
Real Stock: Shawn Craig
Mini Stock: Phil Wood

Sportsman: Angelo Marcelli
Real Stock: Rick Fox
Mini Stock: Phil Wood

Sportsman: Roger Sanderson
Ltd. Street: Duane Mayo
Real Stock: Aaron Byers
Mini Stock: Jaison Chand

Sportsman: Angleo Marcelli
Ltd. Street: Ron Brown
Real Stock: Cecil Arispe
Mini Stock: Jerry Peterson

Sportsman: Geoff Brandon
Ltd. Street: Lee Branstetter
Real Stock: Aaron Byers
Mini Stock: Jaison Chand

Sportsman: Marty Walsh
Ltd. Street: Adrien Betournay
Real Stock: Bill Bradbury
Mini Stock: Chad Grammer
Thunder Roadster: David Henderson

Sportsman: Brandon Barnwell
Ltd. Street: Scott Lyons
Real Stock: Bill Middleton
Mini Stock: Byron McIntosh
Thunder Roadster: Paul Peeples, Jr.

Sportsman: Brandon Barnwell
Ltd. Street: Fergy Ferguson
Real Stock: Jim Redd
Mini Stock: Craig Baker
Thunder Roadster: Paul Peeples, Jr.

Sportsman: Dennis DelBiaggio
Real Stock: Ryan Walters
Mini Stock: Craig Baker
Thunder Roadster: David Henderson
Roadrunner: Charlie Anderson

Sportsman: Mic Moulton
Real Stock: Casey Mitchell
Thunder Roadster: Thomas Payne
Roadrunner: Raleigh Willoughby

Sportsman: Larry Pries
Real Stock: Ryan Robinson
Thunder Roadster: Thomas Payne
Roadrunner: Dax Kinsey/Brian Murrell, Jr./Nick Hansen

Sportsman: Brandon Barnwell
Real Stock: Donnie Hyman
Thunder Roadster: Paul Peeples, Jr.
Roadrunner: Michael Lawrence

Sportsman: Angelo Marcelli
Thunder Roadster: David Henderson
Real Stock: Michael Lawrence
Roadrunners: Jarrett Mayo

Late Model: Mic Moulton
Mini Stock: Brian Murrell, Jr.
Thunder Roadster: Paul Peeples, Jr.
Bombers: Leonard Ward III
Roadrunner: Gary Klinetobe

Late Model: Ryun Leazer
Mini Stock: Chris Champagne
Thunder Roadster: Paul Peeples, Jr.
Bombers: Dustin Walters
Roadrunner: Dylan Ford

Late Model: Mic Moulton
Mini Stock: Gary Klinetobe
Thunder Roadster: Thomas Payne
Legends: Robert Miller
Bombers: James Moore
Roadrunner: Tyler Peach

Late Model: Mic Moulton
Mini Stock: Brett Murrell
Thunder Roadster: Ronnie O'Neill
Legends: Tyler Peach
Bombers: John Lally
Roadrunner: Daniel Buell

Late Model: Mic Moulton
Mini Stock: Brian Murrell, Sr.
Legends: Chris Lawrence
Bombers: Jim Redd
Roadrunner: Nick Ford
Bandoleros: Lane Anderson

Late Model: David Henderson
Mini Stock: Gary Klinetobe
Legends: Leonard Ward III
Bombers: Raquel Krupa
Roadrunner: JR Brandt
Bandoleros: Maleesa Miles

Late Model: Dustin Walters
Mini Stock: Gary Klinetobe
Legends: James Nichols
Bombers: Sam Brown
Roadrunner: Bryan Brandt

Fall Spectacular Winners

Late Models:
1990: Randy Olson
1991: Bob Strauss
1992: Randy Olson
1993: Jeff Rogers
1994: Roger Gannon
1995: Darrell Midgley
1996: Randy Olson
1997: Randy Olson
1998: Darrell Midgley
1999: Mike Sackett
2000: Mike Sackett
2001: Mike Sackett
2003: Mike Sackett
2004: David Miller
2005: Josh Bews
2006: Ryan Foster
2007: Howard Ford
2009: Noel McCormack, Jr.
2010: David Miller
2011: Howard Ford
2012: Jeremy Doss
2013: Eric Schmidt
2016: Jeremy Doss
2017: Brandon White

1991: Robert Carrel
1992: Rick Rose
1993: Darrell Midgley
1994: Richie Potts
1995: Blair Aiken
1996: Bob Strauss
1997: Bob Strauss
1998: Bob Strauss
1999: Denny Cashada
2000: Kelly Peacock
2001: Clarence Reddick
2002: Bill Binns
2003: Derek Thorn
2004: Gary Lowblad
2005: Jay Linstroth
2006: Willie Thompson
2007: Thomas Wright
2012: Darrin Knight
2013: Darrin Knight
2014: Darrin Knight

Fan Info

  • Tents and campers (with hookups)
  • No coolers allowed
  • No ATM on site
  • All major credit cards accepted
  • Paved parking
  • Grandstand seating
  • WiFi information unavailable

Family Info

  • Family seating information unavailable
  • No play area
  • Family restrooms available

Pit Info

  • Pit access information unavailable
  • Pit concessions available
  • Free electricity in the pits
  • Fuel available at the track
  • Check-in information unavailable
  • Pits located outside the track
  • Paved pit surface
  • Tires available at the track