Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour
Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour

Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour

Renegades Of Dirt Forced To 'Modify' Schedule, Creates History Making “Mods For Military” Renegade Dirt Week!


Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour

Renegades Of Dirt Forced To 'Modify' Schedule, Creates History Making “Mods For Military” Renegade Dirt Week!

Renegades of Dirt PR
April 17th, 2020
For Immediate Release:

Renegades Of Dirt Forced To 'Modify' Schedule, Creates History Making “Mods For Military” Renegade Dirt Week!
A 'four wide' salute to the men and women who serve our nations military!

(Middlebourne, WV) – With Covid-19 locking down much of the country the 2020 season continues under the caution flag as anxious teams and race fans await. A new Presidential three phase plan has rolled out with limited information leaving many to believe that June 1st may be the most realistic date for racing's bigger events to return. With regulations varying from state to state and uncertainty towards a return to normalcy the Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour has been left with no choice but to further postpone its next three events, May 8th – 10th.

However, in this case the delay may be worth waiting for. Officials from the series are excited to announce the make up dates for all three events as June 26th - 28th with an additional schedule modification. Tyler County Speedways Tuesday, June 30th date will be moved to Thursday June 25th. The new slate sets up a monstrous eight nights of racing in ten days paying out over $150,000 dollars.

Therefore, creating the biggest “weeks” in Renegade of Dirt history! The slated “Modifieds For Military” Renegade Dirt Week will be growing to eight nights from five and be spread out through ten days. The result creates a massive double header of weekends for the Renegades of Dirt getting started on Thursday June 25th at Tyler County Speedway. From there the series will head to Bedford Fairgrounds Speedway on Friday June 26th then travel to Greater Cumberland Raceway on Saturday June 27th prior to visiting Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex on Sunday June 28th!

Racers will earn their 'stripes' on weekend #1 while racing for $3,000 to win each night respectively. A four day 'Stripes Weekend' point fund will payout $500 for 1st, $400 for 2nd, $300 for 3rd, $250 for 4th,$200 for 5th and $100 for 6th - 10th. NASCAR veteran and present dirt racing personality Kenny Wallace is committed to race all eight nights with the series.

From there the series will take a two day hiatus (Monday & Tuesday) for drivers to work on their machines and catch a breath before gathering back up on Wednesday night July 1st as the tour travels West to Waverly, OH to duel at Atomic Speedway. On Thursday July 2nd the series slides into a first time venue, Princeton Speedway in Southern WV. Friday night July 3rd the series battles it out at Beckley Motorsports Park in Mt. Hope, WV for yet another major payday. Then lastly, “Modifieds for Military” Renegade Dirt Week reaches its epic eight day conclusion in Rural Retreat, VA on Saturday night for a $5,000 to win finale at Wythe Raceway!

Racers will earn 'star' status on weekend #2 while racing for at least $4,000 to win nightly and $5K during the finale. The 4-day 'Stars Weekend' point fund features the same payout $500 for 1st, $400 for 2nd, $300 for 3rd, $250 for 4th,$200 for 5th and $100 for 6th - 10th. A full eight day “Modifieds For Military” Renegade Dirt Week Point Fund has also been established to ensure racers who compete all eight nights have a chance to earn some extra cash. 1) $1000, 2) $500, 3) $400, 4) $350, 5) $300, 6) $250, 7) $200, 8) $150, 9) $150, 10-15) $100

The Inaugural “Modifieds For Military” Renegade Dirt Week will now showcase the nations most wanted modifieds slinging dirt eight nights in ten days, June 25th – July 4th! A large multi thousand dollar week long point fund paying thirty five total positions has been established with unprecedented bonuses on the line. “Modifieds For Military” Renegade Dirt Week treks through WV, OH, MD, PA and VA to crown its first ever speed-weeks style champion.

The biggest week in Renegades of Dirt history by the numbers; ($150,000) in total dirt week purse! ($31,000) in possible race and point fund winnings, ($8,300) total week long point fund, ($2,300+) guaranteed money if driver starts all eight shows, (200+) feature laps, (8) amazing dirt tracks ready to witness the nations biggest modified names visit their dirt oval and (1) great cause... to honor the biggest and baddest military in the world!

Tuesday June 25th – Tyler County Speedway - $3,055 to win
Friday June 26th – Bedford Fairgrounds Speedway - $3,000 to win
Saturday June 27th – Greater Cumberland Raceway - $3,000 to win
Sunday June 28th – Roaring Knob Raceway - $3,000 to win
Wednesday July 1st – Atomic Speedway - $4,067 to win
Thursday July 2nd – Princeton Speedway - $4,000 to win
Friday July 3rd – Beckley Motorsports Park - $4,000 to win
Saturday July 4th – Wythe Raceway - $5,000 to win

“The virus has thrown us all a curve ball and its currently unpredictable when we will be going back racing. Our hope is by June 1st we will be 100% back in action and able to put on this incredible eight days of modified racing” stated Cody Watson

“This week is astounding and history making on so many levels for me and the tour. We're talking major payouts, $3000, $4000, $5000 to win and we are doing that EVERY night for eight nights. No $1,000 or $1,500 to wins... these are high level paying races for modified teams one after another. It's crazy” added Watson.

“We understand it can stretch the teams to the max, eight nights in ten days is a lot. However, the Renegades will answer the call and are up for the challenge, they always do and always are. We've talked to many of them and they are ready. The best part is we will put on some amazing shows in honor of the military” concluded Watson.

An official dirt week Facebook page has been established with additional details/information as the Renegades of Dirt and speedway officials launch this reputable and rich week of racing to honor our nations military, modified style! Entry fees, merchandise, sponsorships and donations will be collected before and during the event to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. To donate now visit;

For more information regarding the Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour visit the Renegades of Dirt online at You can also call Renegade Offices anytime for further information @ 304.771.5051. Like us on Facebook at

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