I-37 Speedway
I-37 Speedway

I-37 Speedway
Pleasanton, TX

Current Registrations


Don't forget you must complete a W9 before you can receive any payouts! Download, complete and bring to the track on or before you first race. We also have a few other forms that need to be completed also...Social Media Release (this gives the track permission to use photos or videos of you, your race car, etc.) Also we have a Car & Driver Info sheet (this if for our announcer)!


After we have received your Pit Spot Registration we will email you for the pit spot number you would like to reserve.

2023 Annual Go Kart Track Registration

REGISTRATION CLOSES: 147d 14h (11/03/2023 12:00 AM)
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2023 Annual Track Registration

REGISTRATION CLOSES: 148d 14h (11/03/2023 11:59 PM)
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CLASSES: Fireballs, Limited Modified by Swenson Race Products, IMCA Modified by Price Chevrolet, Factory Stocks by All in Designs, Sport Compacts by Iron Horse RV, Late Models by Nogalitos Gear

2023 Annual Track Pit Spot Registration

REGISTRATION CLOSES: 149d 14h (11/04/2023 11:59 PM)