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Announcer Audio Feed

MRP Audio allows tracks and series to stream their announcer’s broadcast directly to the MyRacePass app, so that fans, teams, and staff can hear the latest news and updates of the on-track action even when they might be out of earshot of the P.A. system.

Promoters, here is what you need and how you can set it up on race night!

Use Mrp Audio For:

Enhanced Sponsorship Reads
Pit Reporting Monitor Feedback
Pit Area Announcements
Pre-Race Podcasts
Solving the problem of fans not hearing the announcer during the races
Additional Sponsorship Opportunities
Engaging the race fan with your talented announcer
Solve the Problems

Solve the Problems

  • Fans Can't Hear the Announcer during a race

  • Drivers can't hear the staging announcements

  • Sponsors get upset that announcers say their name during the race

Blackout Radius

Blackout Radius

Set a custom radius for listeners. People within 2 miles of the track or outside of 100 miles can hear your broadcast. Or, don’t set a blackout radius - that is completely up to the promoter.