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Integrated Online
Ticket Sales

Add event tickets to one location and share to potentially hundreds of different websites. MRP Online Tickets are included with Plus, Platinum and Partner Promoter Plans.

Reserved Seating
General Admission Tickets
Camping Spots
Pit Stalls
Box Office Tickets
Point of Sale System
Custom Reporting
Social Media Sharing
Mobile Friendly
VIP Ticket Management
Ticket Remarketing
Extensive Customer Analytics
MRP Network
No Chargebacks
Accessible Hardware

No Cost to Sell

MRP Online Tickets does not charge the Promoter on a per ticket basis. When the Promoter sells a $10 ticket, that promoter will receive $10.

We Handle Refunds

MyRacePass handles the refunds for promoters in the case of an event rainout/cancelation, refunding 100% back to the patron. Promoters are able to issue individual refunds.

We Handle Chargebacks

Chargebacks can be a major pain, but let us worry about it, we'll fight them for you!

Reserved Seating

Reserved Seating

Fans can select their exact section and seat for your events.

Box Office Tickets & Point of Sale

Box Office Tickets & Point of Sale (POS)

Sell Reserved or General Admission (GA) seats at the gate using the MRP Box Office POS and a simple cheap laptop (windows-based) and a Dymo Printer, easily found on Amazon.

Reserved Camping & Pit Stalls

Reserved Camping & Pit Stalls

Managing Camping and Pit Stall Reservations is tedious and time consuming. Allow MRP Online Tickets to streamline that process with ease.

VIP Tickets

VIP Tickets

With Reserved Seating Maps, promoters can easily block off certain seats, camping spots, or pit stalls from the MyRacePass admin dashboard. Then, print off a detailed report to give to your ticket takers for VIP.

iOS Ticket Scanner

iOS and Android Ticket Scanner

Use your iPhone or Android device (Android 10 or newer) and the MyRacePass app to easily scan your race fan's tickets at the front gate. No new ticket-specific equipment required – just use your phone.

Bluetooth or Wired Scanner

Bluetooth or Wired Scanner

Use the MyRacePass app or the MRP Ticket Redemption Portal to redeem tickets at the gate using a bluetooth or wired scanner, easily purchased on Amazon.

Extensive Customer Analytics

Extensive Customer Analytics

Knowing where your customers (race fans) are coming from will help streamline your advertising campaigns. Take advantage of the MyRacePass Customer Analytics software built right within your MRP Online Ticket Dashboard.

Ticket Remarketing

Ticket Remarketing

Easily send an email to past ticket holders of an event to send them a code to put 'last years' tickets directly in their shopping cart.

Additional Features

Add Tickets Quickly

Integrated with MRP Season Management, MRP Online Tickets allows promoters to quickly add event tickets to each event with ease.

Available Ticket Types

MRP Online Tickets is primarily built for General Admission, Pit Passes, Kids, Military, Seniors and more including section seating. Promoters can easily find the options to successfully sell online tickets to race events, banquets and more.

Ad Placements

Add your partners to the Ticket Vouchers to provide more return on their investment. Great options include concessions coupons, hotels discounts and other travel amenities.

MyRacePass App

MyRacePass App

MyRacePass gives you another powerful platform to sell your tickets through. Nearly a quarter of a million race fans have used the MyRacePass app for track and series info. Display your event tickets for them to purchase.

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MRP Rewards

Earn Rewards

Selling a certain number of tickets throughout the season provides you rewards to use in credit on your account for the following season.

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