MRP Online Tickets / Frequently Asked Questions

MRP Online Tickets

As a promoter, how much does it cost to sell tickets online?

The cost to the promoter per ticket is ZERO. If a promoter is selling a $10 ticket, and sells 100 tickets, the promoter will be paid $1000.

Being a Promoter, how do I get the money from ticket sales?

Promoters must fill out our ACH FORM and mail to MyRacePass PO BOX 81666, Lincoln, NE 68501. Promoters will then complete the event at the end of the race night, confirm the tickets no later than 12:00 PM CST on Monday and ticket funds will be deposited into the bank account associated with the ACH form. Fund will arrive within 1-2 business days. View step-by-step instructions

How do I accept the MRP Online Tickets at the ticket window?

There are three ways to redeem your fan's ticket vouchers.

  1. Will Call – Set up a Will Call window specifically for your online ticket holders. If John Doe purchased (4) tickets, John's name will be listed (4) times on the Will Call report.

  2. Scan the Ticket Voucher Barcode – Following the AAA Baseball way, promoters can have a Chromebook or any computer online, logged into the MRP Ticket Redemption Window and scan the fan's tickets as they come into the gate.

  3. MRP Ticket Scanner in the MyRacePass App – iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android (Android 10 or newer) users can now use the MyRacePass app to scan MRP Online Tickets. Promoters can designate ticket takers based on their MRP Account email address to have access to the scanner in their app, and scan tickets as fans come through the gate.

View how to redeem tickets

Who handles the chargebacks on ticket purchases if they arise?

MyRacePass handles all chargebacks on the items if a fan rejects the purchase. In some instances, the promoter will be contacted to help verify the purchase of an event ticket to help MyRacePass solve the chargeback case.

Who handles the refunds on online ticket sales in case of an event cancellation?

MyRacePass handles all bulk refunds and ticket purchasers will receive 100% of their purchase. Promoters do have the ability to make individual refunds if ticket purchasers reach out to the track for certain unknown reasons asking for a refund. Refunds are completely up to the promoter.

As a Promoter, how do I add online tickets to my schedule?

It is very easy to add your tickets to your MyRacePass Dashboard. View step-by-step instructions

Can I set different pricing options for events?

Yes. The MRP Online Ticket platform allows you to set different prices for different age groups, including Senior Citizens, Military, VIP, etc.

Can I set a limit of online tickets available to purchase for an event?

Yes. You can select the exact number of tickets available to purchase online. Have some fun with this – set 5 tickets at $2.00 and see how fast they go!

What kind of seating can I sell with MRP Online Tickets?

General Admission, Reserved Seats, Pit Stalls, Camping Spots, VIP Suites and other special seats are all available to sell through MRP Online Tickets.

What are the Ticket Fees for MRP Online Tickets?

For each ticket, there is a $1.90 fee + 4% of the total cart, payable by the ticket purchaser.

What do I need to send MRP in order to get my Ticket Map created?

An overhead Google Satellite view of your facility with the different sections marked out along with a spreadsheet of each section including seat & row numbers with ticket pricing will be the starting point of creating a ticket map.

What kind of hardware do I need to use for redeeming tickets?

MyRacePass stresses the fact that the hardware used can easily be purchased through Amazon or your local electronics store, such as a Best Buy. There is no specific piece of hardware that we require you to use, but we do indeed suggest hardware. View Our Suggested Hardware

What kind of Ticket Printer do I need to print tickets using the POS System?

Currently we suggest the use of a Dymo LabelWriter 550 Label Printer, available online through Amazon. Printers start out at roughly $100. View Our Suggested Hardware

What Ticket Stock do I need for printing Box Office Tickets?

We recommend the use of the DYMO White 2 x 3 ½" Card Stock, 300 per Roll, available on Amazon, starting at roughly $15. View Our Suggested Hardware

What scanners do I need to scan ticket vouchers at the gate?

There are many scanners available on Amazon. You need a scanner that can read a screen and a barcode and can be wired or connected via bluetooth which you can indeed connect a bluetooth scanner to the MyRacePass app on a smartphone. View Our Suggested Hardware

What happens if my event is rained out or canceled?

When an event is canceled for weather or any other reason, refunds are handled by MyRacePass making life so much simpler for the tracks and series. You tell us that the event was canceled in the ticket management screen of MyRacePass. Refunds will then be processed and will appear in customer's bank accounts within a few business days. View Our How-To Guide for Information on Ticket Refunds

How do I receive money from Online Ticket sales?

All Online Ticket money is sent via an ACH process after the event is completed. First, You tell us that the event happened in the ticket Management screen of MyRacePass. Then, ticket funds are deposited into the bank account associated with your ACH form. View Our How-To Guide on Specifics of Claiming Ticket Money

Can I use Online Ticket Maps to sell camping spots or reserve pit stalls?

Our new reserved ticket maps can be used for traditional front gate tickets, both reserved and GA, as well as for pit stalls, camping spots, tailgating spots, or really any other individual or group purchase your customers need to make. We've even seen it used for pit stalls, VIP passes, and par