MRP Race Management / Requirements

MRP Race Management

Race Management

Race Management

Any computer that runs Google Chrome can use MyRacePass.

An active internet connection is required. Don't worry, you don't need much!

Lineup Monitor

Lineup Monitor to Replace the White Board

A screen or display able to connect to a computer is needed.

Any TV or Computer Monitor that can connect to a computer with the internet can power your MRP Lineup Monitor.

Check Printing

Check Printing for Prize Money

We support a variety of check types most common to general accounting practices. Click here to find out more.

MRP Live Timing

MRP Live for Transponder Integration

A PC running Windows 7 or newer operating system.

If using MyLaps, Orbits 4 or newer.

For Westhold, Westhold Race Manager version or newer.

The latest version of MRP Live installed on your computer.

Driver Back-Gate Entry

Barcode Scanner for Driver Back-Gate Entry

Any scanner that connects to a computer. You can find out more features here.

We recommend a 2D scanner that can scan smartphones. An example recommended scanner can be found here.