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Driver Profile - #4 Modified Michael Carbone Jr

Name: Michael Carbone Jr
Age: 22
Hometown: Sault Ste Marie, ON
Division: Modified
Car #: 4

When finding spare time with being a single dad of four-year-old son Ryder and two-year-old daughter Alayna, mechanic Michael Carbone Jr tries to find some time to tinker in the garage on his #4 modified that he races week in and week out at Laird Raceway.

Heading into his ninth season behind wheel, Carbone Jr can’t wait to jump into the #04 modified for his first checkered in this division. The competition will be stiff this season at Laird when we return as drivers and watch the fans follow to the grandstands to join Ryder and Alayna cheering on the drivers on the 1/3 oval at Laird.

What has been keeping you busy during these challenging times? Are you still working and what are you doing during self-isolation?
My kids keep me more than busy enough along with tinkering in the garage.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family?
I’m a single dad of two kids with a 4-year-old son Ryder and a 2-year-old daughter named Alayna who love racing just as much as I do.

Where and when did you start racing?
Carbone started racing at Laird Raceway at the age of 14 back in 2012 with his 1998 Dodge Neon.

Hobbies or interests?
Racing, four wheeling, and snowmobiling

What was the biggest challenge in 2019 at Laird and do you think you change that going to 2020?
The biggest challenge would be figuring out set up in the car along with gearing and rear end issues and the motor not having enough power we got the gearing changed at the end of the year hopefully get some more ponies under the hood and wake it up a little bit.

Who is a clean driver you really enjoy racing with?
Dustin Jackson, Josh Ware, Mark Laakso, Dave Wagner to name a few. Michael also added that is pretty much all the guys run strong and clean there’s always a few that cause some carnage but that’s racing.

Bucci's Place, JT Auto, Lakeway Truck Centre

Your goals for 2020?
Take home a checkered flag.

What races you planning to run and where?
Hopefully, I can race as much as I can of the 2020 Laird race schedule when we are allowed to return to the track to turn left again.

Pit crew?
Jacob Heimonen, Devin Service

Can you give us some memories racing at Laird throughout the years and any moments stand out?
My first win racing veteran driver #42 Jack Lannigan on the outside in my four-cylinder.

What can we expect from the #4 this coming season and Laird?
Hopefully a lot more competition for the other drivers.

Any Championships etc, if so years, division and car #04?
Never won a championship but come close a few times best I got was third in points.

Submitted By: Jay Houslander

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